Research & Planning

Research, Data Analysis, and Reporting

Student Data Integrity Groups
(project workplan, liaisons, recommendations, and implementation survey)

CONTACT: Craig Schoenecker, Senior System Director, Research | 651.201.1864 |

Strategic Planning

Academic Affairs provides a variety of strategic planning services at the system, regional, and institutional level for the system and its key partners. These services include:

  • Strategic plan development;
  • Vision and mission development;
  • Vision and mission approval by the MnSCU Board of Trustees;
  • Workplan development;
  • Development and management of focus groups around specific topic areas;
  • Group facilitation; and
  • Demographic and labor market data.

Due to the limited size of the planning staff, planning services are only offered when staff is available. Priorities are determined by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.  The MnSCU systems and its institutions are given first priority.

CONTACT: Todd Harmening, System Director | 651.201.1856 |

Regional Planning

Regional planning structures or processes are still being developed. Key MnSCU leaders as well as key system partners and stakeholders will be involved in the development, implementation, and evaluation of any regional planning structures. The three regional structures that are in place are the Metro Alliance, the Northeast Higher Education District, and University Center Rochester.

CONTACT: Todd Harmining, System Director | 651.201.1856 |