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The Academic Programs Unit: within ASA they provide system leadership and support for academic program policy, approval/review. 
  Academic Programs staff
Contacts:  651-201-1684 651-201-1685 651-201-1683

Credit Length: Minnesota degree program credit length cap and waiver process. 

Gainful Employment Information

Honorary Degrees Awarded by MnSCU schools :Recipient list and biographies of distinguished citizens granted honorary degrees.

Program Inventory : Interactive Web-based inventory; View book review grids;  Change Action Reports; Copies of approved applications.

MnTransfer : Articulation agreement form, Broad Field agreements, Transferology, and more.

Program Navigator :  Used to create and redesign academic programs. PN instructions, video's and sample forms.

Program Planning : Academic Policy & Procedure 3.36.1, guidelines & instructions.

Reports and Memorandum : Applied Doctorates, Board of Trustee, Change Action Reports, Labor Market Analysis, Law Enforcement; Memorandum

Workforce Planning : LMIwise, EDEPS. service region map, CIP code link, DEED tools, Workforce Initiative reports.