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The Academic Programs Unit is a work group within Academic and Student Affairs division of the system office. It is charged with providing system leadership and support for academic program policy, approval, and review.

Academic programs staff contact information.

Credit Length
Minnesota degree program credit length cap and waiver process. 

Gainful Employment
Memorandum and other gainful employment information.

Inventory and GoMN 
Interactive Web-based inventory of current academic programs;    
GoMN 2014: Review Grids;

Link to resources on the MN Transfer site.

Program Navigator
The Program Navigator system is used to create and redesign academic programs and enter them into Program Inventory and ISRS.  Find links to the Program Navigator site, training, and information about how to use the system.

Program Planning
Academic Policy & Procedure 3.36.1, broad field degree programs, guidelines and instructions. 

Archive of reports (Electricians Labor Market Analysis, Law Enforcement, etc.) 

Workforce Planning
Link to workfoce development resources (Labor Market Worksheet, service region map, Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP), Standard Occupational Classification (SOC), Occupational Supply Demand System (OSDS) and Workforce Initiative reports).