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Finding Board Policy and Procedure Documents Under Development

Policy drafts and related system procedure drafts along with a cover memo inviting comments can be accessed from the right menu bar.

Comments will be accepted on all proposed policy and procedure actions until final approval. Comments may be submitted to Toyia Younger, associate vice chancellor for student affairs or to the staff member listed on the cover memo and policy and procedure documents.

Policy and procedure drafts are classified in the following sequence:

  1. Discussion Drafts. Discussion drafts are the initial drafts of policy or procedure language that change frequently as the drafts are reviewed and refined. These drafts are designed to elicit early discussion of new, controversial, or difficult topics or concepts and may not always evolve to a Review and Comment Draft. It is possible that after analysis of discussion draft comments, a decision will be made that a board policy is not needed or appropriate. Not all policies and procedures will require a discussion draft. If these drafts are posted to this website, they will be clearly labeled as discussion drafts, will be dated, will be posted with the latest version accessible first on the web site, and will be prepared to elicit comments from system constituencies.
  2. Review and Comment Drafts. These drafts are ready for review and comment from all system constituencies. More than one review and comment draft may evolve, but each will be dated with the latest version accessible first on the web site.
  3. Board of Trustees First-Reading Action Documents. The policy documents are reviewed by the BOT Academic and Student Affairs Committee [and other appropriate board committee(s)] as well as the full board. Policy actions require two readings by the board at two separate meetings.
  4. Board of Trustees Second-Reading Documents. These are the policy documents provided to the Board of Trustees for formal second reading and action. The documents are reviewed by the Academic and Student Affairs Committee of the board [and other appropriate board committee(s)] which makes a recommendation for action to the full board. Policy actions require two separate readings by the board; the second reading and the action typically occur at the same meeting.

Policy and Procedure Approval

Policies are approved by the Board of Trustees. System procedures are approved by the chancellor. Approved policies and procedures may be accessed through the link at the upper right of this screen.

For more information, contact:
Toyia Younger, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or 651.201.1673